Christmas dinner in «Russian Empire»

One of the oldest palaces of St. Petersburg and restaurant “Russian Empire” invites You to celebrate Christmas in unique atmosphere of 18th century.

Five magnificently renovated dining halls. Recovered and received new life unique wine cellars that hold the most luxurious in the world of wine collection of the XXI century. Armagnacs two hundred years old, collection of century-old wines. During the excavation of cellars were discovered secret rooms of Alexander Stroganov, hidden from the eyes for more than 150 years. Here, under a naughty shine of champagne you will be able to taste the mood of famous sensational balls and masquerades Count Stroganov ……….

Christmas menu

  • Sea scallops tartare with port glaze
  • Salad «Olivier» with crayfish tails under the snow of cucumber
  • Pelmini of hare cooked in mushroom sauce
  • Sorbet of ginger
  • Duck confit with fettuccini of spinach, served with caramel tangerine
  • Christmas Chocolate Log Bûche de Noël
  • Collection of homemade chocolate and petite fours


Price per person – 3200 rub

Price per person – 3200 rub

For each guest Glass of Mulled wine