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St. Valentine’s Day at Russian Empire restaurant

 1775.  Saturday evening. Count Stroganov wait at oak gate.

At the midnight the palace is approached by the carriage … The man silently passes along the hidden corridors of the palace to the secret room where the magnificent table is already set.  Than curtain  is removed, and in a secret door there is it …
the empress Ekaterina. “Grishenok – the loveliest in the world, I extremely love you, the darling’s friend, I kiss and I embrace soul and a body, the husband expensive. …” – happily smiles the  empress.

In February, 1775 the count Stroganov personally prepared the menu for secret dinner  of the empress Ekaterina in love with  her official favourite and the secret husband duke  Grigory Potemkin

Especially on Valentine’s Day restaurant “Russian Empire” will serve  the exact menu of this secret dinner.

Price for 2 persons – 5200 rur.